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Dennis Garrett



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Our Staff

Mr. Garrett started Love & Respect out of a need to help those seeking recovery & support who society have given up on. Mr. Garrett was born in Chapel Hill but “ran” in the streets in Durham, NC. His driving force behind Love & Respect was to find a way to give back what he took through crime and drug use.

Mr. Garrett is a recovering addict and ex-offender that understands what it means to be given a second and even third chance. He believes that he must give back what so freely was given to him. After years of institutionalization and treatment centers, a chance encounter with a former Senator planted the seed of hope and helped jump start his road of recovery.

Mr. Garrett used the skills he learned in treatment and institutions to form the basis for Love and Respect. He believes now that it is his turn to believe in others until such time that they can learn to believe in themselves.


Dennis & Faye Garrett

Future of Love & Respect



Dennis Garrett Jr. & Faye Garrett grew up the Love & Respect way. They are shining examples of the impact that positive effects can have on a community. Love & Respect has played a huge role in changing what their lives could have been at an early age into what their lives can be in the future.

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Sosten Morgan


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Sosten Morgan is the overseer of Love & Respect. After recovering from addiction under the guidance of Mr. Dennis Garrett at Love & Respect, Sosten has become a major asset to the organization and the community.  He is truly grateful for his second chance.

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