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"We are connected like links of a chain."

  • Housing
  • 12-Step Recovery
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Job Training Program
  • Counseling
  • Assisting with connection to a local facility that can accommodate your need
Substance Abuse
The center provides a recovery program to recovering addicts and alcoholics. This includes providing them with housing until they get back on their feet and teaching the 12 step programs. We also teach goal setting, budgeting, social skills, and other needed skills that will assist our clients in becoming productive members of society.

Homeless Assistance
The Center provides housing, food, clothing, drug counseling, transportation, and emergency assistance to those who are homeless.
Youth Services
We offer programs against crime and drug uses starting at the middle school level. Teaching from a real life perspective, we are able to show the negative impact drugs and violence has on individuals and the community. The Center also delivers educational and prevention materials about the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs.

Community Awareness
In support of the community, we hold awareness events to educate people about HIV/AIDS, STDs, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and crime prevention. Activities include community fairs, block parties, rallies, as well as community observation of World AIDS Day, and Black History Month.

Health & Safety
We provide education and prevention material throughout the community during nontraditional hours, encouraging discussions around HIV/AIDS, STDs, drug-use, and many other social concerns in the greater Durham area. 
"Each link is as important as the next."
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