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Our Oath


Our Mission

"For all those who choose to join our cause, given no regards to age, race, creed, sexuality, religion or lack of religion, are bonded by a common goal and struggle of a new way of life.  We are connected like links of a chain, each link is as important as the next.  We are here to uplift ourselves, each other, and our community through the spread of love, respect, honesty, and loyalty, so that prosperity reaches the lives of all those around us."

is to teach recovering addicts the power of self and the benefits of living a responsible lifestyle, understanding and utilizing the concept and therapeutic value of one addict helping another.  This includes housing, job training, goal setting, money budgeting, social skills, hygiene, and the teaching of the 12-Step recovery program.  We offer programs against crime and drug use for youth as well.  Starting from the middle-school level, our goal is to show from a "real life" perspective, the negative impact drugs have on the individual and the community.  Love & Respect also focuses on delivering preventative education materials about HIV/AIDS, and helps provide free testing to anyone.  We also provide referrals for transportation, food, clothing, drug counseling, free housing, and medical assistance to persons infected with HIV.


               LOVE & RESPECT also performs a variety of community outreach services.  This past Christmas, we had our annual Toy Give-a-Way event where we gave out over 400 toys to children from all over the Triangle area.  In addition, during this recent cold spell, at the request of the Durham Police Department, we opened our doors and were able to provide food and shelter for almost 50 people.  And, every year on the first Saturday in June, we organize a "Take Back the Streets" march to protest violence, drugs, and poverty, while also celebrating the improvements and progress the community has made.  As our brochure highlights, our Founder/Director Dennis Garrett has revitalized East Durham, and turned some of the roughest, crime infested streets of the city and turned them into havens of recovery, turning abandoned building used by gang members and prostitutes into a Recovery House and a Community Center.


               CURRENTLY we are asking for any type of donation, whether it be monetary, products, or gift cards.  Love & Respect is completely non-profit, and all donations go directly toward helping our residents, improving our facilities, or forwarding it on to those in need.  As this is an ongoing process, we appreciate any help at any time.



THANK YOU for allowing us to tell our story, and we look forward to your response.

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